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Books, eBooks and Audiobooks


ebooks & audiobooks • nonfiction & fiction. includes eBooks MN collection.


Use your school ID and password Learn More


ebooks • magazines • audiobooks •

Libby App for iPad

Use with your Library Go Barcode: 22091600+student ID. Watch a video on how to log in

Use with your St. Paul Public LibraryGo eCard (Barcode: 22091600 + student ID). Find books, audiobooks, movies and more.

Saint Paul Public Library Catalog

Books, eBooks and Audiobooks

Check these sites out for more book ideas. What Should I Read Next?Novelist Plus or Novelist K-8 Plus (Novelist sites will need your St. Paul Public LibraryGo eCard number)

Funding for these resources come from multiple sources: SPPS, ELM (Electronic Library for Minnesota), or through the Library Go partnership with the St. Paul Public Library.

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How to guide

Library Go Login Information

Student Login Barcode: 22091600+ID number
PIN: Your birthday (MMDDYYYY)
(M = month, D = Day, Y = Year)

Staff Login Barcode: 22091625+ID number
PIN: Individually chosen, 6 digits

Staff can request a card here