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Family Newsletter - April 29, 2024

Family Newsletter - April 29, 2024

Lots to read this week in the message!  We are now down to 30 days remaining and as always, it is loaded with lots of great events as a means to celebrate an amazing year.  

With that being said, it is also 30 days to remain focused and strong, academically.  There is still a lot of quarter 4 left to do our best and show what we know! 

Our 8th graders will finish out MCA testing this week, taking the Science MCA's during their Science class.  Opt out students will be assigned elsewhere during that time.  

Raptor Reminder:

Positive Attitude: This one may seem odd to put as a raptor reminder, but as we get near the end of the school year, we all need a reminder to stay positive...adults and students! 

Sports for this week:

  • Baseball: Game Monday @ Battle Creek Rec, 3:45PM; Practice Tuesday and Wednesday, 3-5PM
  • Softball: Practice Monday, Tuesday from 3-5PM;  Wednesday Game @ Highland Park, 3:45PM
  • Badminton: Practice Monday, Tuesday from 3-5PM; Wednesday Match @ Txuj Ci 4:15PM
  • Track & Field: Practice Monday and Tuesday from 3-5PM; Wednesday Meet @ Como Park HS at 4:30PM 

EDL/Flipside for this week:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 3-5PM

Guitar and Choir Concert 4/30/24:

Guitar Concert: 6-6:20PM

  • Main doors will open for families at 5:40PM for seating in the Performance Center
  • Guitar players will enter door 2 (Gym Door) and get ready in the gym.  Guitar players must be ready to get on stage by 5:50PM

Choir Concert: 6:40PM - 7:40PM

  • Choir students should enter Door 2 (Gym Door) no later than 6:10PM.
  • All caregivers of choir students will also enter Door 2 and remain in the gym until the Guitar concert is over.  You will be escorted to the performance center to be seated, following the Guitar concert. 
  • All levels of choir are asked to remain in the performance center until the completion of the entire choir concert.  
  • Concert is expected to go from 6:40PM - 7:40PM

Spirit Week and Hour of Fun Guidelines:

As always, there are specific guidelines that students are expected to meet in order to participate in the Hour of Fun which will be next Friday, May 10th.  The guidelines are as follows and they begin, Monday, April 29th!

  • No more than 1 tardy 
  • Stay in class
  • No suspensions/dismissals
  • No more than 1 NP

Spirit Week looks as follows:

  • Monday, 5/6 - Sports/Jersey Day
  • Tuesday, 5/7 - Monochrome  (wear 1 color)
  • Wednesday, 5/8 - Pajama Day
  • Thursday, 5/9- Anything but a Binder Day
  • Friday, 5/10 - Sunglasses/Accessories Day

May 8th, Walk, Run and/or Bike to School Day!:

It's nearing that time again!  On Wednesday, May 8th, all busses and caregiver drop offs will go to the Costco parking lot to drop off the student(s).  We will then walk from Costco to school that morning together as a school.  Please be reminded that the entrance to E-STEM will be closed off starting at 8:10AM.  No cars will be allowed down the drive until all students have successfully made it to school.  

May 9th, MCA Cell Phone Day:

As a means to encourage students participating in the MCA's to do their best and take them seriously, they could earn a "Blackout Bingo" for how well they did! The prize is day in which they could have their cell phone for parts of the day. That day is May 9th and students who earned it will receive a wristband to wear. They wil be permitted to have their phone out ONLY during Foundations and Lunch/Recess. The phones will be in their lockers the remainder of the time.

For those students who earned a BLACKOUT bingo, he/she/they will receive a wristband to wear that day.  

Students will be permitted to use their phone:

  • During Foundations
  • During Lunch/Recess
  • ONLY these times!

Violations to this day will result in no end of year field trip! Opt Out students cannot participate. Students who do NOT have a phone and earned the bingo will receive 500 Liveschool points.

8th Grade End of Year Events: 

Caregivers and families of 8th graders, please save these dates:

  • Thursday, June 6th: Valleyfair field trip for 8th grade
  • Friday, June 7th: Promotion Ceremony, 5:30PM - 7PM
  • Friday, June 7th: Promotion Party, 7:30PM - 9PM (E-STEM 8th graders ONLY)

Caregivers we will be looking for donations of soda, gatorade, candy or a monetary donation to support the 8th grade Promotion Party on June 7th.  If you are willing/able to donate, please feel free to drop those donations off at the main office.  You can also donate money through our PPO Venmo account: @estemppo.

Flipside Summer Camp/Program:

Please see the attached flyer for information regarding the Flipside Summer Camp/Program. 

SPPS Summer Learning Programs

Summer Learning for 2024 is here! Now is the time to register your student for a great summer learning opportunity in Saint Paul Public Schools. Programs will start June 24. Programs fill quickly!  Register by April 15 for priority! 

You will find information + the registration link here:

  • Parents will be directed to Parent Portal to register their student online. 
  • Paper copy is available here if preferred. 
  • Paper copies of registration should be returned to SPPS Student Placement Center.

There are 3 great program choices for middle school students:  

  • Summer Quest at Washington Middle School will have academics, leadership activities plus great enrichment opportunities in art, music, theater, agriculture, cooking, computer, fiber arts.  We welcome students who are in Language Academy to Summer Quest.  This program will support their learning and their fun. 
  • E-Stem at E-Stem School (Woodbury) has classes and field trips that focus on STEM learning in many areas.
  • CDF Freedom School supports literacy skills with a focus on scholars’ heritage and experiences. This program will be at Hazel Park Prep or LEAP (formerly John A Johnson)

Learn more about these 3 great program options for middle school students here:

All programs are FREE and include:

  • Academic Support & Enrichment- Students will be inspired to learn new skills and increase their current understanding of reading, math and other subjects while discovering new interests and talents and making new friends.
  • Breakfast and Lunch - All students receive two free healthy meals daily that include entrees, salads, baked goods and locally grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Transportation - Transportation is available to most students who live in Saint Paul

Do you have questions?  You may contact the Department of Alternative Education

Phone: 651-767-8100

Family One Stop Shop:

Hey E-STEM Family!  We are excited to announce that we now have a "Family One Stop Shop" site for all things E-STEM!  We will keep this site updated with all of the newest information and resources to keep you connected to your E-STEM School community and your neighborhood community! Check it out!!

Family One Stop Shop link

New Raptor Gear Website:

A new gear site for E-STEM has gone live.  This site includes a lot more products and gear will be rotated seasonally based on availability.  The site is up 24/7/365 and orders are normally shipped within in 7-10 days of ordering.  Let Mr. Harmon know if you have any questions!


  • 4/30:Choir/Guitar Concert
  • 5/6-5/10: Spirit Week
  • 5/8: Walk, Run, Bike to School Day
  • 5/10: Raptor Day/Hour of Fun
  • 5/24: 3rd Quarter A Honor Roll Field Trip to Camp St. Croix
  • 5/27: Memorial Day, No School
  • 5/28-5/31: Pride Spirit Week
  • 5/30: Band/Ochestra Concert
  • 6/6:  8th Grade Valleyfair Trip
  • 6/7: Field Day (All Grades); 8th Grade Promo Ceremony and Party
  • 6/10: Last Day of School; 6th Graders Bowing/Park Field Trip; 7th Graders Grand Slam Field Trip

Weekly Overview

Day Date Agenda
A 4/29/2024

Foundations: SEL Lessons
MCA Science Test for 8th graders

B 4/30/2024

Foundations: Tranquil Tuesday  - time to read!
MCA Science Test for 8th graders
Guitar Concert: 6-6:20PM
Choir Concert: 6:40PM - 7:40PM

A 5/1/2024

Foundations: WEB Wednesday/ IXL
MCA Science Test for 8th graders

B 5/2/2024

Foundations: Team Circles
MCA Science Test for 8th graders

No Foundations