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Mr. Hudalla


Phone: (651) 293-8960

Mr. Hudalla

Hello!!! My name is Mr. Hudalla (pronounced who-doll-ahhhh) and I teach 8th grade global studies (world geography). I also teach an elective class called In These Times (we talk about the news). The 2021-2022 school year will be my 10th year teaching at Battle Creek!!! (My 18th year teaching in Saint Paul.) I love BCMS!!! Go Panthers!!!


I live on the east side of Saint Paul by Lake Phalen. EAST SIDE PRIDE!!! I am married to Lindsey (she is a practice manager at a Vet hospital in Saint Paul) and we have two kids (Savannah is 8 and Sawyer is 5). We have a cat named Roxy. She’s 19 years old!!! She loves to bite ankles. We also have a dog named Scooter. He is 7 years old. He is a mutt (mix of French Bulldog and Boston Terrier).


I graduated from Anoka High School in 1996. After high school, I attended the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis campus) and I earned two college degrees (Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science, Masters of Social Studies Education). Go Gophers!!!


In my free time I love to hang out with my family, run ultramarathons, read history books and novels, listen to rock, country, and rap, watch horror movies, and eat Asian food. I also LOVE being outside!!! I enjoy fishing, camping in the Boundary Waters, and swimming in Lake Phalen with my kids.


In my class students will study the seven continents on planet Earth. Students will learn about world cultures and religions, bodies of water, landforms, and current events. Students will be asked to practice the skills of a geographer by completing class projects and taking unit tests. Students will also learn reading, writing, and speaking skills that will get them ready for high school, college, and life.


I am looking forward to a great year!!! Let’s goooooooooooo!!!!!!!!